Our Latest Mains

White Soup

While out for supper one night with my husband the chef came by our table to chat.  I was eating a creamy soup that he made and told him how tasty it was. The waiter had told me that it was naturally creamy and made from only real vegetables and no added creamers or chemicals. … [read more]

Homemade Chicken Bone Broth

(Scroll to bottom of post to learn how to win your grass-fed cowboy steak!) Chicken soup is not just for Friday night. Considered one of the healthiest and most natural cold and flu remedies, mothers have been making chicken soup for centuries. I know I’ve been making chicken soup forever. In fact, it is also the first food I… [read more]

Swiss Chard, Chickpea, Sweet Potato Soup

This soup should really be called healthy diet protein vitamin soup. Because it is all of that: healthful, low fat, full of protein and green. More than that, it is natural and incredibly tasty. I can often eat the entire pot myself. Except that I like to share the nutrients with my children so I puree… [read more]

Crustless Tuna Quiche With A Punch

I love this dish. Its so quick and easy to make and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or supper. In fact, I eat it all day long and can easily finish the entire pie myself. Maybe I shouldn’t admit that! I add some sraricha or habaniro hot sauce to it to give it a spicy… [read more]

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Our Latest Desserts

Real Hamantashen

In my quest to put my family on what I like to call a … [read more]

Purplicious Ice Treat

Here's another purplicous Pinkalicious delight named … [read more]

Mint Chip Ice Cream non-dairy/parve

I serve this for dessert almost every Shabbos, my kids … [read more]

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Our Favorite Smoothies

Refreshing Kale Orange Smoothie

Everyone always seems to have a cold during the late … [read more]

Purplicious Yogurt Smoothie

This smoothie is named for the children's book that is … [read more]

Green Smoothie

I make this smoothie, or a version of it almost every … [read more]